Why Walk?

  • Lots of Zervas families walk! Walking boosts a sense of community and improves neighborhood connections.
  • Students arrive ready to learn, healthy, awake and alert, with better focus and concentration, which can improve academic performance. [see article]
  • Increased daily physical activity forms healthy habits that can last a lifetime, helping children build strong bones, muscles and joints.
  • It’s fun! Walking brings a sense of joy and independence to children.

Walkable Zervas

The new Zervas Elementary is designed to be a walkable school!

  • Stoplight at Beacon & Beethoven is updated to the latest technology.
    • New ADA compliant crossings and pedestrian signal alerts allow ALL children and families to walk safely to school.
    • No right turn on red in any direction so children are safe from turning cars.
    • Wider landing pad on the school corner.
    • Timing on the light is adjustable so children will have enough time to fully cross the street at drop-off/pick-up.
  • NEW path that connects from Cold Spring Park to the sidewalk along the front of the school, allowing easy access for Newton Highlands families to walk to school through the woods.
  • Buses and staff vehicles now access the school from Beacon Street so do not cross the paths of as many children.
  • The City of Newton installed new sidewalks along Beacon this summer.
  • Zervas continues to have dedicated crossing guards at
    • Crosswalk at Woodward & Beethoven
    • Stoplight at Beacon & Beethoven

Please click here to address obstacles that are keeping your child from walking to school.